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Happy Trails designs and builds trails according to modern principles and best practices resulting in sustainability and maximum user satisfaction (fun).

Each Project is Different

We adapt our process based on the landscape and your needs. Your vision for your property is important.


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We need to understand your properties advantages and limitations. Sustainable trails are designed considering the principles of hydrology, soil science, and geometry.



During construction, we remove the organic soil layer and blend it into the downslope of the tread. Then, we raise the step where needed, using natural materials. These tracks have constant flow and roll where long straight sections are minimized, and grade reversals force water off the trail at regular intervals.


This is the rhythm of the trail created by curvilinear horizontal alignment. Curves also influence speed behaviour for enthusiasts, which is important on multi-directional multi-use trails. Our expertly designed curvilinear tracks also provide a lower speed, increasing the time it takes to traverse the entire route and maximizing the experience.



This refers to the vertical rise and fall of the trail grade. Roll also contributes to the rhythm of the path. Our team uses this design feature to provide natural drainage points through the grade reversals, which significantly lessen the possibility of soil movement.

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